Picture the Scene

Picture the scene, it’s peak Christmas shopping on a Saturday for some last-minute presents. The kids are getting hungry, tired and bored, in no particular order.

“Mum, I want a cheeseburger, right now,” said the oldest child of three in a demanding tone that makes you question yourself in a holy way.

Meanwhile, the youngest is getting restless and ‘desperate’ for Chinese food, spouting something about noodles over the top of his siblings. The middle child (usually the safe bet as the peacekeeper) shouts “I want pizza, you two are idiots”, leading to all three fighting in the middle of the shopping centre.

Such a moment of embarrassment that makes you feel like the whole world is looking at you, while your children wrestle like their lives depend on it, right in front of Greggs.

“Boys, calm down and stop fighting or none of you get to eat out today and instead you get nothing. Besides, all of those can be quite expensive and you’re all so picky!” shouts the mother in front of judging onlookers.

Sound vaguely familiar?

Too right it does, not just fussy kids who want to push your every button, but also demonstrating just how hard it is to please everyone on a budget.

We are constantly surfing the web seeking a decent meal out for a bargain price, but after you pay for drinks (who drink like goldfish), starters (because they can’t wait) and desserts(sugar intake needed), before you know it the bank account is empty and you’re frantically checking the calendar to see when you get paid next.

So what’s the solution?

You can go one of three ways:

1. Collect enough Sun vouchers to start a small fire, forgetting to buy a newspaper one Sunday out of twenty and inevitably giving up.

2. Search Groupon to your hearts content, but realising this particular Pizza Hut in Hammersmith doesn’t allow offers at 8pm on a Saturday, or ask on Facebook for anybody who has a Meerkat code (we have all been there, don’t deny it!).

3. You can walk around dragging your heels looking for any restaurant that has a sign outside with a special offer, starving yourself for hours before finally opting for an egg sandwich for 1 pound from Tesco as a last resort.

“Kids, kids, look Christmas is saved and we can stop shopping. I have just downloaded this fantastic app called Drench and it shows the best offers not too far away for so many different restaurants. Look, Pizza Xpress has 20% off, if we’re quick before the promotion ends, we can get whatever you like for that price.”

“But I wanted a cheeseburger,” said the oldest, while the other looked disgruntled without his usual sweet ‘n’ sour chicken.

“Ok, let’s compromise. Because this offer is for a limited time, we can go to Pizza Express today, if you change your behaviour and work together instead of fighting.

“In the future, we can go to get a burger place the next time Drench sends me an offer, and get your favourite Chinese food after Tommy,” added the Mum hopefully.

“Great!” said all three kids simultaneously and off they popped to Pizza Express when all hope seemed lost, thanks to a convenient app that works based on your location using push notifications.

Because of Drench, you can wave goodbye to the kids (or take them if you still have an ounce of patience) and head to a bargain in your area, while the offer is there for a short window, making everybody a winner and temporarily calming down the little ones *


*only briefly I’m afraid.

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