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About Drench

Drench was founded in 2017 from the frustration of having to rifle through coupon and discount apps to find decent offers. We thought there was a better way around this- one that was convenient, instant and preferably fun too. So we created Drench, an app that helps you find the best deals while boosting footfall for businesses too. Get drenched. Claim the offer. Feel epic.


Drench was founded by Hamzah Malik, using the team he had hired for his digital agency, Regent Branding. This team, who have a string of chart-topping hits under their belt, built Drench from the ground up, with Hamzah nurturing Drench from initial conception to a fully-fledged commercial business.


Drench launched in Peterborough, and gathered momentum due to its fun and instant nature. We saw some harsh learning curves too, making changes to the app in real-time to ensure people were happy using it. Every change was made from listening to user feedback and promising we'd always strive to do better.

Our Values


Drench is insanely focused on protecting your privacy, and will never track your location without your explicit permission.


Drench is committed to offering the very latest solutions in geo-marketing, using new and future-ready systems.


Drench is an app that puts a smile on people's faces, and we're focused on ensuring we always nurture this quality.

Our Team

Hamzah Malik

Founder & CEO
Hamzah founded Drench using the specialist skillset he gained from growing RB, a digital consultancy with a worldwide presence and 25 talented contractors. Hamzah worked with his own team to build Drench, with plans for international expansion.

Noor Ali

Lead Developer
Noor is responsible for building the engine behind Drench, making it a blazing fast platform across both iOS & Android. A talented developer with a meticulous eye, Noor has been instrumental in helping Drench grow from strength to strength.

Rashid Farooq

Board Advisor
Rashid has worked in the food and restaurant market for over 10 years, holding key sales positions in the likes of Hungry House, Takeaway.com and Fillmybelly, making him an indispensable source of guidance as Drench grows in the food sector.

Richard Sargeant

Board Advisor
Richard founded and grew The Handmade Burger Company into a chain of 29 restaurants, turning over £27 million. A veteran in the food industry, Richard has been instrumental in guiding Drench to cater towards market trends and preferences.
"Drench is the product of developments that have made our phones faster, more efficient and more alert. In 2021, no one should have to scroll through coupon apps to find the best deal. It should come straight to them, at the perfect moment. That, is what Drench delivers."
Hamzah Malik

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