Drench for Businesses

Instantly boost footfall to your business during quiet times.

offers on your own terms

Set a drench offer for when it's quiet, and set a timer to that it 'dries up' and disappears within a few hours. It's time to hand back control to you.

boost footfall instantly

Drench people near your business and encourage them to come in with an offer of your choice, giving you an edge over local competitors.

A self-serve app

Create drench offers in under 1 minute using our self-serve web app, and have them set live within moments to increase footfall.

smart analytics

See how your drench offer performed using our analytics platform, and get free marketing advice from an on-hand team of marketing experts.

Drench price plans

Select one of our plans below, or feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


Per month - £99 set up fee

  • 1 Drench Per Week
  • 50m Drench Radius
  • Analytics Portal
  • Additional Drenches at just £14.99


Per month- £99 set up fee

  • 3 Drenches Per Week
  • 250m Drench Radius
  • Analytics Portal
  • Additional Drenches at £9.99



  • Unlimited Drenches
  • Unlimited Radius
  • Analytics portal
  • Dedicated Marketing Support from Drench.

Frequently asked questions

Drench sends offers to people based on their exact location. So if someone is walking by your shop, you can ‘drench’ them automatically with a deal. However, they have to claim the deal before it ‘dries up’ and disappears, as every offer has a timer on it. You can choose any offer you like and have it only ‘active’ when you prefer, too.


And if you like to take control, we also have a ‘self-serve’ app, so if you notice it’s a little quiet one afternoon, you can make your own drench, set it live and watch customers walk in.


Drench was created by our parent company, Regent Branding Ltd.

Drench starts at a very friendly flat fee of £39.99 for businesses, which gives you one Drench a week. It is free for users. A ‘drench’ runs for up to 24 hours and has a radius of 50m on our basic package, meaning anyone within 50m of your business will get drenched with your offer.

While most Drench offers are discounts, we have seen other types of offers work very well. For example ‘get 15% off when you spend £40’ has a prerequisite spend, but does work very well indeed. Also, if you’re sensitive to giving discounts, just use Drench for when it’s very quiet to boost footfall. After all, you’d much rather have 10 customers getting a deal than zero customers all evening, right?

No. Drench lets you own 100% of the transaction.

Of course. We can onboard your business onto Drench and also offer you free training to ensure you get the most out of it. We can also create your drenches for you and give you marketing advice on how to grow your business’s footfall. For any other questions, please email us on [email protected]

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