Ealing Businesses Free Trial

We are temporarily offering businesses in Ealing a free 3-month trial to Drench app. There is no onboarding fee, and no monthly cost. Just enter your details below and we’ll get you added to the app in our next update!

How does it work? It’s simple. Users download the Drench app (through our dedicated marketing campaigns). When they’re physically near your shop, they get a push notification sharing your offer or deal with them. BUT, they have to grab your offer before it disappears, as all offers are time-sensitive. You increase footfall at the drop of a hat, and customers find nearby deals they love.


Why add your business to Drench? Here are 3 reasons why:

Connect with brand new customers just as they walk by your business. 
Promote yourself locally for miles, to both residents and newcomers in the area
Increase footfall instantly when you’re quiet with cleverly-timed offers.